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Country Heritage Feeds Organic Pig Feeds are formulated and certified under Australian Certified Organic (ACO) standards. The nutrient specifications of the pig feeds are of a high standard to ensure performance results.

Typical ingredients include:- Wheat, Sorghum, Barley, Maize, Sunflower Meal, Canola Meal, Linseed Meal, Full Fat Soybean Meal, Meat Meal, Fish Meal, Blood Meal, Safflower Meal, Limestone, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.


All Purpose Feed for Lifetime

Pig Grower Meal (OPI03).  This feed is designed to be fed as the pig’s total diet providing a source of high quality proteins, energy and minerals suitable for the different stages of a pig’s development.

- 16% protein


Feeding Plan 

kg of OPI 03 per head per day


3-8 weeks

Ad lib feed plus 0.5 – 1 litre of milk



1.0kg per head per day



2.1kg per head per day



2.7kg per head per day



3.0kg per head per day



3.5kg per head per day

Dry Sow


2 – 2.5kg per head per day (restrict feed)

Lactating Sow


6-8kg per head per day



3 Stage Feeds for Small Producers


Pig Weaner crumble (OPI02-C)

 The Pig weaner crumble has a high protein and high energy content to enable the necessary growth to occur in the first 2 to 10 weeks of feeding. It is recommended that during this time the feed is Ad Lib.

- Fed Ad Lib

- 2 to 10 weeks growth period

- Protein approx 20%

- Energy 14


Pig Grower/ Finisher Pellet (OPI04-P)

- 16% protein

- Growers to be fed approx 1.5-2.5kg / day

- Finisher to be fed approx 2.5-3.5kg/day


Pig Breeder (OPI05)

Formulated to meet the dietary requirements for both dry and lactating sows, however feed intake will vary.

- Protein 16-17%

- Energy 13.5 (middle range and suitable for both Dry and Lactating Sows)

  • Dry sow energy requirements are 13%

  • Lactating sow energy requirements are 13.5-14%



Feeding Plan 




2-10 weeks


Pig Weaner crumble


Ad Lib

10 – weeks


Pig Grower/ Finisher Pellet

Growers to be fed approx 1.5-2.5kg / day

Finisher to be fed approx 2.5-3.5kg/day



OPI05 – Pig Breeder

Lactating Sow 6-8kg

Dry Sow 2-2.5kg

Boar 2-3kg
















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