Organic Poultry

Organic Standard Layer Range

Our standard range of backyard poultry feeds have been specifically formulated to ensure your birds get a nutritionally balanced ration while providing the essential vitamins and minerals to promote healthy growth and consistency in laying.

With the available options of mash, wholegrain, crumble and pellets, we have every type of feed to suit the preference of your feathered friends.

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Chicken Starter Grower Mash
Chicken Starter Grower Crumble
Backyard Layer Mash
Backyard Layer Pellet
Coarse Layer
Free Range Layer Mash
Free Range Layer Pellet

Vegetarian Layer Rations

Country Heritage Feeds have developed a range of certified organic feeds that are free from any forms of animal protein. This means rations a that a formulated without the use of ingredients such as meat meal, blood meal and fish meal.

With the use of high quality vegetable protein meals, each of our vegetarian rations are formulated to meet our strict specifications meaning the birds will receive all the essential vitamins and minerals required.

Available in mash, crumble and pellets.

Backyard Vegetarian Layer Mash
Backyard Vegetarian Layer Pellet
Coarse Vegetarian Layer

Gluten & Soy Free Layer Mash

This new feed has been developed to cater for our wheat sensitive customers, who are telling us they wish eliminate all exposure to wheat. This feed feed eliminates the concern of exposure to wheat during the handling of your chicken feeds. This gluten and soy free ration is available for backyard layers in a mash.

The product specifications for this mash are the same as our Soy Free Layer Mash below (but of course minus the wheat content).