Meat Birds

Organic Meat Birds - Chicken

If you enjoy raising your own meat birds then Country Heritage Feeds have the perfect and simple solution to allow you to do it organically without any fuss or need to provide different feeds during the growth cycle.

Just as reliable for starting and growing layer birds, the OPO05 range of feeds is highly suitable for raising meat chickens from day olds right through to slaughter.

Chicken Starter Grower Mash
Chicken Starter Grower Crumble

Organic Turkey

Country Heritage Feeds manufacture a wide range of rations for growing turkeys. These specific products are currently not distributed through retail outlets due to minimum order requirements.

If you are needing turkey diets for commercial production, please contact us on 07 4630 8571.

If you are simply growing one or two turkeys for meat, we recommend our OPO05 Chick Starter Grower for growing and finishing off the birds.


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